Construction with a tradition of trust

3ACE brings together the three areas of expertise essential for any successful build. We combine the individual skills of our founders, a trio of industry specialists in Building, Mechanical and Electrical works, each with years of experience in their respective field, with a shared philosophy that places quality – in all its forms – first.

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Detail, quality and strive for perfection

At 3ACE quality is at the heart of the way we work, and every stage of the journey. We closely follow the codes set for the industry by the International Organization for Standardization, enabling us to consistently monitor our own performance and deliver the highest levels of quality. For our clients this means always receiving the finest standards in construction methods, as well as the level of value, service, delivery and experience. For our team and any partners we work with, meanwhile, it means a working environment that’s safe and nurturing, as well as practices that have minimal impact on our environment.

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256 Loughton High Road
Loughton, Essex

Client: Aitch Group
Duration: 2019 - currently under construction


Bridge House
Chertsey, Surrey UK

Client: IAM - Inspired Chertsey Ltd  

Duration: Completed Jan 2019 

Central Cross
Croydon, London UK

Client: IAM - Inspired Coombe Ltd 
Duration: 2016-2017

Construction, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

3ACE offers expertise in the complete range of services required for a successful building project, Building Works, Mechanical and Electrical engineering, all under one roof, making 3ACE a single point of service.